Marblehead Lighthouse State Park Pressed Pennies

These Marblehead Lighthouse state park pressed pennies feature the beautiful Marblehead lighthouse which is located on Ohio’s shore of Lake Erie. The beautiful Marblehead Lighthouse stands majestically on the Lake Erie shoreline of Marblehead Peninsula.  The grounds offer an excellent view of Cedar Point, Sandusky Bay, Kelley’s Island, and South Bass Island. Marblehead Lighthouse has been guiding ships… Read More »

East Harbor State Park Glacial Grooves

Although not as big as the ones on Kelley’s Island, the East Harbor state park glacial grooves are still neat to see if you are visiting Lake Erie in Ohio. There are several places where you can view glacial grooves in Ohio up in the Lake Erie region. The most famous example can be seen on Kelley’s Island.… Read More »

Thistlethwaite Falls in Richmond Indiana

Looking for waterfalls in Indiana? Thistlethwaite Falls is just a short drive from Richmond, Indiana and is well worth the stop. Keep reading to learn more. Despite living an hour from Thistlethwaite Falls my entire life, I had never heard of it before.  In fact, I probably would have never become aware of this beautiful waterfall in Indiana… Read More »